Posted on Nov 8, 2019

Mastectomy Silicone Breast Forms

Free headwear of your choice with orders placed.

1. Sleep Cap - When you don't have hair to cover your scalp, heat can be lost through the top of your head when you are sleeping.

2. Basic Beanie or Turban - Beanies and turbans are ideal “everyday” head coverings.These can be thrown on in a snap, and they're perfect for wearing to chemotherapy treatments.They can even be kept in a car, purse, or pocket for quick, unexpected trips.Our most basic coverings come in many colors, so you can easily find one that suits you.You'll get the most from your money by purchasing a simple, comfy cap because 1) they can bedressed up or down with accessories and 2) they can also double as sleep caps.

3. Sun Protection Hat - Cancer treatments can leave your skin extremely vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays. Invest in a wide brimmed sun hat to help keep your scalp, face, and neck protected.

4. Hat Liner - A hat liner made from soft, comfortable fabric like cotton or bamboo, is a great item to have on hand. Wearing a hat liner allows you to wear hat styles made from more abrasive materials without irritating the scalp.

5. Slip-On or Pre-Tied Scarf - These easy-to-use scarves are a wonderful everyday or formal option for cancer patients. They slip right onto the head and give the look of an intricately tied scarf without all of the work.
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